Busy busy busy

2011-02-20 12:39:04 by ctrlaltd1337

Just updated my snazzy blog, check it out!


£5 per drawing, full colour, atleast A4 format sent to you through NG dump. You can commision anything you like, I'm quite flexible with my drawing skills. Transactions will be made via paypal.

Interested? then post here, tell me what you want, and we'll sort some arrangements via private message. :)

Like, in the next 5 minutes. Been busy doing alot of university work, and also been busy with working on a zombie movie, ie: Making posters etc, 1 of them is finished, so I'll put that on here for sure. Also be updating the banner, picture and avatar.

Zombie vs Grandma

2009-05-04 19:40:23 by ctrlaltd1337


Animation for uni where I had to incorporate a joke into an animation. This isn't really much of a joke, but hardly any zombie jokes are funny, and I'd hate to go down the slapstick route.

The actual thing took weeks cause I kept changing my idea and concepts for the zombie, originally he was a leper in a bar, but it got way too boring and just wasn't something I was happy with.

But the final animation took about 6 hours to make. The zombie was pre-made from a previous drawing I did, I just needed to cut a hell of alot off him and put him into layers.

Zombie vs Grandma

Animation W.I.P

2009-02-15 20:00:32 by ctrlaltd1337

This is something I'm working on, it's for university and needs to tell a joke. This is about a zombie walkig into a bar.

Animation W.I.P